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Blog Content Idea Generator is a algorithm which can find under performing long tail keywords. These keywords are carefully analyzed so that the articles having these keywords in their title will rank top on searchs for those keywords.

QIdea finds new blog titles by finding under performing keywords from your existing search traffic. This enables QIdea to provide suggestions based on what you as author can write on your blog and generate traffic.

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Made with Love by Narayan Prusty

Follow the steps to get new title keywords:

  1. Go to Google Webmaster Tools and select the site for which you want blog article ideas.
  2. Now click on Search TrafficSearch Queries on the left panel.
  3. Now select the date range for which search queries to be analyzed. [Hint: Last 3 Months].
  4. Now click on Download this table.
  5. Upload CSV file below to be analyzed and generate blog ideas.
  6. If you repeat this procedure every month with same date range then you will be guaranteed increase in articles and organic traffic.
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